Featured Plays: Short & Long

Short & Ten Minute Plays

Ferris Wheel

Funny and touching, the play is the unlikely love story of two lonely people who are forced to ride together on an old country Ferris wheel. She’s afraid of heights. He’s afraid to give up smoking. They are both afraid of each other. 


In the award-winning comedy, NEXT, four women: Claire, Joan, Barbara, and Anne while sitting in a doctor's office waiting for a mammogram learn more about their breasts, their lives,  and the true meaning of support! 

Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness programs.

At 3:00 O'clock in the Morning

 At 3:00 o'clock in the morning defenses are down and tempers flare when a middle-aged accountant, living on the ground floor of an old New York apartment building, finally confronts the neighbor living upstairs who has been walking around in circles overhead for the past 10 hours.  


In the parking lot outside Patterson’s, an old-fashioned funeral parlor, two high school sweethearts find making amends may require giving the shirt off their backs. 

Mulberry Lane

 Do old dreams ever die? If they don't, is it ever too late to act on them? This is the question Clarice forces Bernice to answer one extraordinary day in August, while sitting on the back porch of an ordinary old folks home on Mulberry Lane. 

Take Proper Care

In 1955, in Atlanta, GA, the line dividing blacks and whites was clearly defined unless you happened to be a nine-year-old white girl struggling to hold on to the only family you had left. 

Full-Length Plays

In the Kitchen

When Kate’s mother leaves the gas stove on all night, it sets in motion a chain of events and confrontations over the nature of aging and what to do if you’re lucky enough to get old!  Mixing real life events with childhood memories puts Kate, Amy, and Lara at odds with each other as well as their mother and sends them all on a collision course that's as  hysterical as it is heartbreaking. 

Waiting for Oprah

It's the last meeting of the 1st Tuesday Book Club (which meets on Thursday!) and Allison, Mia, Fran, Louise, and Janice are awaiting the arrival of their celebrity guest.   But as they wait the question of whether Oprah will come or not is ultimately not as important as what they learn about themselves and how much they mean to each other. 

Light Burgers

 When an inexplicable ball of light begins to shine in Dillard County, GA, it sends the townspeople scurrying for answers. What is it? Where did it come from? What does it want? When will it leave! Some ignore it, others dismiss it and some swear it is a UFO waiting to land. 

Virgin Tears

In the dark comedy VIRGIN TEARS ON WYOMING AVENUE Chandler finds out that returning home is harder than she ever imagined. But playwright Mary Miller believes that maybe you can go home again and that miracles sometimes do take place in real flesh and blood, not just on wooden statues. 

A Christmas House

 A CHRISTMAS HOUSE is the perfect Christmas play for anyone who has ever: built a house, worried about getting old, been single, been married, experienced sibling rivalry, delivered a baby, or spent the holidays with their relatives! 

A perfect show for the holidays!

I Witness

 I WITNESS explores the divisions within an inner-city African-American family during the summer of 1991 when they are suddenly jolted from their numbing existence by a brutal murder. 

A Matter of Grace

A MATTER OF GRACE set in New York City after the greatest economic downturn and housing crisis of our times exposes the ugly side of the American economy: the downsizing, the greed, and the games we play with other people’s lives.