FEATURED PLAY: Ferris Wheel by Mary Miller

 Theatre is the place where you can see yourself ...

 and MARY MILLER  by taking seemingly ordinary events and raising the stakes invites her audience to join her and imagine what they would do if they were stuck on a Ferris wheel, or waiting for Oprah to arrive, or a UFO to land, or a house to be built, or a statue to cry, or a broken leg to heal or simply just waiting for a sign that says it's okay to go on with the rest of their lives.  

"Mary Miller has an outstanding ear for dialogue. Her language is full of both humor and poignancy.  She has a wonderful command of rhythm. Her characters are grounded in well-observed details which make them specific and identifiable.  Ms. Miller tells me one story, but through this one story I am privy to the stories of many."  Actors Theatre of Louisville

"FERRIS WHEEL is an unexpected play in that it seems too simple on the surface, but when you sit to analyze it, more things become evident about the characters, their background and the lives they lead ... like the surface of a calm sea, what lies beneath is more than the eye can see at first glance."   Argute Legacy

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